The heart and soul of Arts In Wellness are the people that imagined into being and that continue to make it happen.

At the core is Susie Alexander: Founder, Executive Director, Creative Director, Facilitator Extraordinaire, Artist, Super Squirrel! 

Our other skilled facilitators include Ann Huisman, Becky Hibit, Brooke Bishop, Elaine Bernardo, Emily Rademacher, Erin Reading, and Polly Triplat.

Our past and present Board of Directors continue to hold and expand the vision of Arts In Wellness: Becky Hibit, Brooke Bishop, Deb Kelly, Jennifer Schiessl, and Michele Reynolds.


As a gypsy art studio, we don't have just one location, we hold our events at various venues around the Tahoe Truckee area and beyond.

Our partners share our passions and commitment to our community.