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Arts In Wellness welcomes everyone, artists and non-artists alike, to participate in confirming that their connection to their human experience is unique and valid, and to communicate with color in a way that perhaps they could never find words.

The mission of Arts In Wellness is to facilitate and promote personal and community health and harmony using art-making through expressive creativity to non-artists and artists alike.

What We Are
Arts In Wellness is a gypsy community art studio that is open to the public, providing a variety of art sessions and instructions: painting, drawing, collage and crafts for non-artists and artists alike. The intention is to welcome everyone in finding their expression is unique and valid and to communicate with color in a whole new way.

Why We’re Here
Communities worldwide have been progressively recognizing art as being beneficial to healing and health. Understanding this connection at a personal level has been one of the inspirations for the concept of Arts In Wellness. At the core of this inspiration is a belief that creativity is an inherent birthright, which at an immediate and profound level, harbors and enormous power of healing within each of us. Current research shows that connecting to our own intuitive creativity can radically change the experience of an illness. Neurophysiologists and those practicing in the fields of oncology, palliative care and psychology now know that artistic expression, prayer, meditation and music have measurable effects in peoples’ experiences of pain and illness. 


Arts In Wellness
was founded in 2012 by Susie Alexander. Susie was born in Switzerland, raised throughout Europe, and was passionate about art since a very young age. After college, Susie began her professional career in 1980 as a ceramic tile artist in California and eventually started Alexander Art. Over the last 20 years she became known internationally as mural artist and fine artist ( with commissions in the United States, Europe and Central America.
 While traveling and painting in the south of France in 2009, a profound, personal relationship inspired Susie with a vision for Arts in Wellness. The dream of sharing art making and creativity as a personal expression of our intimate human experiences has become a reality with the manifestation of Arts in Wellness. Susie lives in the Tahoe area and has three grown sons Tyler, Maclane and Kyle Georgeson of whom she is very proud.

"Creativity is an inherent birthright, which at an immediate and profound level harbors an enormous power of healing within each of us."

- Susie Alexander
Executive Director and Founder of Arts In Wellness



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